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what level do you surf on?

Level 1

white waves

  • white water or small green waves

  • needs help with wave selection

  • struggles with position in the water

  • slow to pop up

  • rides the wave straight to beach

  • loses speed

  • not familiar with safety + surf etiquette


Level 2

green waves

  • an independent surfer

  • catching unbroken waves

  • having control of surfboard

  • able to turtle roll

  • understands and applies surf etiquette

  • able to keep find and keep basic speed

  • able to do small direction changes on wave


Level 3


  • able to perform basic turns

  • able to negotiate head high waves

  • able to do a basic variety of turns 

  • does turns mostly on shoulder

  • able to duck dive / turtle roll

  • comfortable surfing point breaks and reef breaks


Level 4


  • able to surf overhead waves with consequence

  • able to barrel ride

  • performs advanced turns

  • performs advanced turns in critical sections

  • surfs with a lot of speed and power

  • surfs with a lot of variety

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Level 5


  • able to surf small and big waves well

  • able to find and generate speed in waves with no power

  • able to do innovative turns, such as airs, tail blows/ release, laybacks, reverse 360 etc

  • good competitive surfer

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