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free surf tutorials

Learn how to surf from home, on the road or in your office.


Choose what you want to learn from a variety of free surf tutorials and then when you have time to practice jump into the water and give it a shot.


New tutorials are uploaded weekly.

Lying Down Position On Surfboard | Beginner Paddling Position On Surfboard | Surfer Paddle Position
Different Pop Up For Beginner To Intermediate Surfers | Common Pop Up Techniques | Pop Up Cheat
How To Surf Your First Barrel | How To Barrel Ride | Surfing Barrels For Intermediate Surfers | Surf
Can You Surf Small Waves | Learn To Surf Small Waves | Three Things You Need To Surf Small Waves
Hand Position during POP UP !!
How To Choose A Wave While Surfing | This Is How To Read A Wave | How Do Surfers Read Waves |Pt 2
Correct Arm Position Surfing Backside | How Should I Use My Arms While Surfing Backside