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Surfing at Sunset

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Surf Coaching

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Proven steps to help break bad habits and
learn correct technique.

Why take months or years to learn something when you can learn in a few sessions?

Surfer Doing Cutback On Green Wave


As an international surf coach who has worked with individuals and national teams, and with over 25 years of surfing experience and over 19 years of surf coaching experience I bring the opportunity to you to find easier ways to progress in your surfing

Surfer Doing Snap / Green Wave Surfing

what people say

Steven Sawyer World Champ Longboarder

Steven Sawyer, ISA Longboard world-champ

'' Without a doubt Shannon had helped mold the surfer I am today. He is hard working, happy, diligent, totally motivated and he passes that vibe on to everyone he coaches. Big time player in my surfing and life. ''

Matthew McGillivray, WSL Pro Surfer

Matthew McGillivray, 

WSL pro surfer

'' He taught me the fundamentals of surfing and some of the mental aspects of competing. He’s a well-respected surf coach, a great friend and has a lot of experience and knowledge to give. ''

Emma Smith, Billabong Team Surf Rider

Emma Smith,Billabong Team Rider

'' Blown away by his all round coaching and not just the physical side of surfing but mental side too and it helped with competing. He has helped me with such foundational and equipping skills for surfing that i still use all the time. Shannons the best coach with the perfect balance of fun and professional. ''

Helene Olafson, Surfer + Snowboarder Norway

Helene Olafsen,

Pro snowboarder

'' Surfing with Shannon means always having a good time in the water. He always pushes you to your next step and better your understanding of surfing as both a sport and an art form. ''

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