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summer waves

We like consistent waves with good weather when we are on vacation.

For most new beginner surfers the waves have been good! Small, soft and safe waves are ideal for kids and beginners to learn to surf in. For everyone else who are a bit more independent and experienced, however, find that the summer waves can be a bit boring! I agree to this as I have surfed for 27 years and desire waves with more size and power.

My summer has been filled with time spent in the water with kids and private surf coaching sessions with adults. The beginner friendly waves have allowed for everyone to stand up and ride the waves, making for some very happy surfers! 😊

I recently bought some new summer surf boards which I was happy to try in the small softer waves. I know that if I had a good 'summer surfboard' I would have a lot more fun while surfing and that I would surf a whole lot more. For those who don't surf enough in the summer, make sure you buy a good summer board. It makes a huge difference! 👌

The consistent surf has been accompanied with strong north westerly winds keeping the weather and water colder than most years. Surfers usually don't mind bad weather, as long as they have good enough waves to surf. So, maybe if we had a lot of hot summer days people would have tanned more than surfed! I know I would prefer to surf 👍 What would you prefer? Good waves? Or good weather?

Stavanger usually doesn't offer both

On the days with no waves in the ocean I have spent time working on making surf tutorials for my YouTube channel. It is called Shannon Ainslie Surf Coach. The main focus of my channel is surf education. I upload a short surf video tutorial every Monday speaking and sharing tips on different surf related topics. Have a look and subscribe!

Soon I will be uploading more detailed and exclusive surf video tutorials and PDF programs on my website for subscribers only. This is an exciting new project that I'm working on. Some surfers enjoy having surf coaching in person while others prefer self education through online tutorials such as these. I know for myself, I like using both!

Now that summer is unfortunately soon over we expect to have an increase in the size and consistency of waves pushing into Jæren. A lot of surfers are looking forward to the fall as they get more time to surf and practice. It is also good for me as I get to do more surf coaching with video analysis and get to focus on more personalised surf training for the surfers who sign up for regular surf lessons or surf coaching sessions.

Having a consistent amount of surf coaching sessions definitely helps with progression and helps you 'unlearn' bad technique and then to learn new good technique which will help you progress faster and have more fun when you surf. So far everyone who has signed up for surf coaching has given great feedback and have shown signs of progression. This is always rewarding to see as a surf coach.

This coming Sunday I will be heading to Nigeria for one week. I work along with the International Surfing Association where I train both coaches and surfers. There is a small surfing community in Lagos, Nigeria which we will be working with. I have never been there so am looking forward to the exciting trip. Not only will the weather be very hot and humid, but the waves are usually very good too. So I'd say it's kinda like a 'work-cation' 😁

The International Surfing Association is the international governing body of surfing and are responsible for surf development and surf education world- wide. They are trying to get a Nigerian surf team together who would then represent their country at the international world surfing championships which happens each year.

Speaking of surf development, one of my goals has been to do kids surf development in and around Stavanger, Norway. It hasn't worked yet as I feel that a lot of Norwegians don't associate surfing with the Norwegian climate. We need to create a new surf culture amongst the juniors in Norway so that one day we get to see kids surfing in the water. At the moment there might only be about 7 surfers under the age of 18 in the whole country. And that's not enough.

You will hear from my Nigerian trip when I get back.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you in the water surfing or joining a surf coaching session, or even subscribing to my YouTube Channel- Shannon Ainslie Surf Coach.

Yours in surfing, Shannon Ainslie

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